Mixed Calming Tea
Includes lavender, lemongrass, sage, geranium, thyme, and jujube. sedative, anti-anxiety & anti-stress, analgesic & cures fever, cough, and cold.
Cold and wet in moderation - useful for cardiovascular, blood purification, diabetes, diarrhea, anemia, bronchitis, skin infections, fever, obesity, insomnia, liver problems
Reduce anxiety and stress, treat sleep problems, strong anti-inflammatory, protect heart health, prevent gastrointestinal problems
Flowers Tea
Contains buds of damask rose, marshmallow, yarrow, lemon slice & lemon leaf - soothing properties for colds, flu, corona & omicron
Calm & Relax Tea
Contains lavender, lemongrass, sage, geranium & thyme - sedative, anti-anxiety & stress, analgesic & relieves fever, cough, and cold
Calf & Immunity Tea
Contains chopped jujube and leaves of medicinal plants - has antioxidant properties and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and blood purification
Tea aroma
Used as a tea or to aromatize tea - analgesic, anti-depressant and sedative, suitable for increasing poor blood circulation, treating fungal infections, treating acne, diuretic, suitable for relieving hemorrhoids

Organic Products

In Behin shop, prepare medicinal and aromatic plants with 100% organic and fresh quality. Buy a variety of bagged and bulk teas, herbal fresheners, aromatic and soothing herbs from our shop.


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