What is Smudge and what plants are used in it?
Smudges are agroup of flowers and plants that burn all the bad and negative energies and cleanse the environment.
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What is Smudge and what plants are used in it?
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History of Smudge

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Burning plants has been very important in the past. Pecan seeds are one of the plants that were used to repel sore eyes and also to kill germs. In many religions, smoke from plants is considered sacred, because they believe that smoke can remove all negative energies from humans and also heal the sick. This led the cultures of the United States and Canada to use Smudge to cure plagues and eyesores. Smudge is referred to as holy smoke and consists of several plants that have long been known as the element of purity. Smudge is also called sage.

اسماج معطر

What is a smudging ceremony?

Smudging is a type of ritual performed by Native Americans. In this ceremony, Native Americans burn various flowers and plants in a specific place. The reason for doing this is that they believe that burning flowers and plants bring down blessings from God and also cleanses people and places. The smoke from burning flowers and plants is referred to the as sacred smoke. In this type of cleansing, four main types of elements are used. 1- The first element that is used in the cleaning operation is the container. This dish is made from the hard shell of marine animals such as oysters. 2- The second cleansing element, which includes plants such as cypress, sage, tobacco, rosemary, licorice, and cinnamon, is used as sacred plants in this cleansing. 3- The third element used in the purification process is fire, which is the result of lighting sacred plants. 4- Smoke caused by burning these plants is used as the fourth element in the cleaning process. During pruning, the leaves with the plant stems are placed in a container and set on fire. Smoke from plant fires improves the functioning of the mind and body, and anyone who is interested in cleansing can inhale the smoke that circulates in the environment. The resulting ash is buried in the soil after the cleaning process to return to the ground. In traditional beliefs, it is believed that negative thoughts and feelings are absorbed by the ashes and one can reach the stage of spiritual purification. The act of cleansing with Smudge is also used to remove negative energies from the house.

Benefits of using smudge

1- It cleans the environment and also kills bacteria in space.

2- It creates calmness as well as positive energy.

3- It eliminates depression and also mental illnesses.

4- It repels pests.

5- Increases concentration and reduces stress.

6- Improves mood and relieves fatigue.

What plants are used to make smudge?

The plants used in smudge have many medicinal properties. These plants are useful for treating some physical, mental and psychological diseases and also preventing some diseases. In addition to the medicinal properties of these plants, the smoke from these plants causes the plague to go away and also eliminates stress and anxiety. In the following, we will acquaint you more with some of these plants that are used in preparing smudge.


Salvia is a medicinal plant that smokes to eliminate all bad and negative energies. This flower has a unique aroma that along with its medicinal properties can be used as a fragrance for the environment.

Melissa Officinalis

Coniferous pine leaves were discovered by Native Americans and used as tea. This plant has many medicinal properties that can be used to fight infections as well as prevent the growth of bacteria.


Battagliadifiori is an ornamental and medicinal plant. This plant belongs to the pine family and is the main growing place in North America. Battagliadifiori helps clean the environment and purifies the air.


Rosemary is one of the main bases for making rosemary. This plant is also known as rosemary and, like all its family members, has many healing properties. Smoke from the fire in this plant can help to disinfect your home environment and prevent diseases such as colds and flu. Inhaling the scent of this battle improves your mood and clears your mind of any anxiety and stress.


Lavender has many medicinal properties and is one of the native plants of Africa. In addition to being used as a medicine, it is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Among the healing properties of lavender, we can mention the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Why are certain plants used to prepare smudge?

Some plants have healing properties and some of them have cleansing properties. Some of them were pleasant and some of the plants have different characteristics. Also, some of them have cleansing properties and others cause the elimination of contaminants and bacteria. All the plants used in smudge have different effects, and for this reason, different combinations of different types of plants are used in making smudge. 

How to prepare smudge

You will need some herbs as well as hemp or wool yarn to make the smudge. 1- First you have to prepare your plants in the form of a bunch of flowers. 2- If you want to dry the plants, you should expose the plants to sunlight for one to two days. Plants should not be too dry because they will become brittle. 3. Place larger and wider plants below and plants that are smaller and finer. 4- Remove the thread and cut the thread 4 times the length of the string and tie the lower part of the bouquet. 5. Do not cut the extra knot. Wrap it around the mattress so that it is firm and also make sure the plants are in place. 6- Cut the extra branches of the plants to make your work cleaner. 7- Now you can burn the plants that you have prepared as a bunch of flowers.

Application of smudge

To smoke smog, you can use it when you move to a new house to eliminate all the bad and negative energies that the previous occupants of this house have. You can use smudge when you feel bad and negative or you are suffering from stress and anxiety.

It is also useful to use smudge at the time of delivery of the year or when starting a new job because smudge causes the evil eye to stay away from you, as well as bad things to happen to you.

Smudge ash

We said that in the culture of the United States and Canada, smudge is used to remove filth and impurity. After burning the smudge, its ashes are buried in the soil because it absorbs negative energies, feelings, and thoughts. By disposing of ashes. , All filth is removed.

Introducing several types of smudge

If you want to provide a calm and stress-free environment, you can use herbs such as mint, sage, and cloves. If you want to have a romantic atmosphere, you can use plants such as roses, lavender, and sage. If you want to provide an atmosphere of joy and happiness, use a cinnamon stick.

Are there any side effects from burning smudge?

Smudge is very dangerous for people with asthma or respiratory diseases. People with this disease should not be exposed to natural smoke, as it aggravates respiratory diseases, asthma, and shortness of breath.

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Some important notes when using smudge

1- Use an incense burner to put it inside the smudge to help it smell more pleasant.

2- Place a container under the oyster so that the resulting ash is poured into the container. Also, after the ashes are poured into the container, bury them in the soil to remove all impurities and filth.

3- When the smog is burning, rotate it in different parts of the house so that the smoke spreads everywhere.

Generally, plant smoke has many properties, and also in the past, plant smoke has been used to get rid of impurities and negative energies. We can use the properties of plant smoke to protect against the evil eye as well as to ward off evil.

What is Smudge and what plants are used in it?
viraweb123, Masood Zarei 4 April, 2022
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