About us

The industry of production and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants is one of the dynamic and developing industries in the world, which in our country, Iran, despite the ancient knowledge and beliefs in the field of medicinal plants and traditional medicine, has not made much progress. This industry starts from the planting stages of nature and ends with the production of the final product, including herbal medicines, cosmetics or food, etc. In order to promote the culture of physical and mental health and belief in the value of nature and natural products, Behin Group has been working professionally in the field of production and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants since early 2009 by producing completely organic products from plants with healthy cultivation. The company is trying to head toward the development of this valuable industry and culture.

Our goals

We, in Behin Co., seek to develop a culture of belief in nature and the use of natural products as a key and influential factor in the physical and mental health system of society. The preventive and therapeutic power of medicinal and aromatic plants in all kinds of pains and physical and mental problems has been our main driving force in focusing on this issue and taking a fundamental step in this field. Production and processing of completely plant products in the light of the latest findings of medical sciences, pharmaceuticals, and psychology and the development of nature-based culture is one of the most important goals that we have strived for in the Behin company and this effort and thinking will continue.

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Our vision

Focus on medicinal aspects and psychological applications of medicinal and aromatic plants, development of final products, cultural efforts in this field, professional training, and increasing employment with the aim of serving the cycle and economic prosperity with the efforts and constant pursuit of the Behin company are of our most basic short-term and long-term perspectives.

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Our active departments

Our active departments currently include the management, research & development, training, planting & maintenance, pest control, environmental control, processing, packaging & warehousing, domestic & foreign sales, and trade.

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