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The industry of production and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants is one of the dynamic and developing industries in the world, which in our country, Iran, despite the ancient knowledge and beliefs in the field of medicinal plants and traditional medicine, has not made much progress. This industry starts from the planting stages of nature and ends with the production of the final product, including herbal medicines, cosmetics or food, etc.  Behin collection in order to promote the culture of physical and mental health and belief in the value of nature and natural products with professional activity and benefiting from the ability of experts in the production and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants since the beginning of 1398 is trying to produce completely organic products from Plants with healthy cultivation under the supervision of experts in this field will take a step in the development of this valuable industry and culture.

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Raw material processing

Behin Group processes raw materials with modern facilities, methods, and equipment and produces high-quality products. Medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, specialized backing, and modern scientific laboratories are among the factors that guarantee the quality of the final products.


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